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Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, is a hub of hot spots in the province and extension to Northeast Asia, Europe and the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for icy and snowy scene and an escape from hot summer.
With a time-honored history, Harbin is a multicultural blend of minority nationalities of northern China and foreign nations. The city is rich in natural scenes and tourism value. Its attractions of summer and winter bring groups of visitors from home and abroad. In its appealing inventory, there are some 500 natural and humane places of interest, including the Sun Island, the Yuquan Hunting Hill, the Yabuli Skiing Resort, the Siberian Tiger Park, the Confucian Temple and the Sophia Church, to name a few. Easily accessible from the city are other famous highlights as the Jingbo Lake, the National Geological Park and the Zha Long Natural Preserve.
As an origin of the world’s ice and snow culture, Harbin successfully hosted of the Asian Winter Games, and the Harbin 24th Winter Universiade will take place here in 2009.
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Local Attractions

1.4 km/0.87 miles

St. Sophia Church 5.7 km/3.54 miles
Confucious' Temple  4.7 km/2.92 miles
Central Street 5.0 km/3.1 miles
Flood Monument 7.5 km/4.67 miles
Siberian Tiger Park 19.1 km/11.87 miles.
Sun Island Park 13.3 km/8.89 miles
Ice and Snow World  14.3 km/8.89 miles
Arts & Culture
Heilongjiang Provincial Museum

3.8 km/2.36 miles

Northeast Couple Dance Opera 3 km/1.86 miles
Harbin Drama Theatre 5.9km/3.67 miles
Former Residence of Xiao Hong 43.2km/26.84 miles
Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital

2.2 km/1.37 miles

Heilongjiang Library 1.8 km/1.12 miles
Muslim Islamic Church 6.9 km/4.29 miles
Christ Church 4.5 km/2.80 miles
Wanda Plaza

0.91km/0.57 miles

Harbin Duty Free Shop(CNSC) 0.5km/0.31 miles
Hongbo Exhibition Shopping Mall 3.4km/2.11 miles
Grand Shopping Center 4.1 km/2.55 miles
Songlei Shopping Mall 4.1 km/2.55 miles
New World Department Store 3.2 km/1.99 miles
Mykal Department Store 7.1 km/4.41 miles
Harbin Golf Club

0.6 km/0.37 miles